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Making disciples of Jesus Christ by engaging indigenous Pastors around the world

In 2018 the Lord led us to start a Church in BUSETA Village, in the process of Praying and trusting God to fulfill what He has pressed on our heart.
Buseta is dominated with Muslims and Catholic’s who are very famous in witchcraft. Finding land was a big challenge since no one wanted a Church in the community but we thank God we got it though more expensive. We delayed to kick start due to Covid-19 Challenges, our teams could not go out for outreaches neither constructions because no one was allowed to move.
We are glad to inform you that the fellowship started. It is now 2 weeks since the fellowship started under the leadership of Pastor Joseph and a team of 3 from our church. There are 22 people who attended the first service. Today when we went to take some pictures found 9 people who had attended the discipleship class. The shelter is still being worked on and paving of the compound.
Pastor Joseph will be moving to stay in Buseta in the next two weeks together with his family for effective ministry. River of God Church in which he has been serving as an associate Pastor will continue to support him every month with at least $20 dollars.

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10 Feb


I had a great experience assisting with arranging a Face To Faith conference in Mae Sot, Thailand.

Rusty contacted me, having visited the Thai-Myanmar border area before, and asked if he could come with a team to provide evangelism training. The local church was made up primarily of factory workers from neighboring Myanmar. Their days are long and education levels were often limited. A great strength they had, however, is a thirst for knowing Jesus and faithfully met together every Sunday evening. When we floated the idea of a missions training course during their only 3-day work break in year, I wasn’t sure how they would respond. Actually, they were eager to meet together, if somewhat nervous about their ability to be good students

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5 Dec


Dear Rusty and Judy,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour. Indeed, we are doing well by the grace of God. We believe and pray that God will keep you safe and sound in the midst of this pandemic, Covid -19.
It’s my pleasure to share some values that I have experienced from Face To Faith training in 2009 which was held at the Panda Hotel, Yangon Myanmar.

To me, the value of that training was immeasurable because that was my first experience of attending evangelism training and my first experience of sharing the gospel to the nonbeliever. Moreover that was my first experience of interpreting in the camp. Ultimately, I’m sure that many nonbelievers have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ in those days. The training was very meaningful because it gave us not only the head knowledge but also it opened a platform to practice what had been taught to us.

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4 Dec


From the United States, Don Honeywell, Lynne O’Quinn, Rusty Russell, Brandon Johnson and I took off for Kathmandu, Nepal in the summer of 2015, not long after the earthquake devastated this area. Nearly 9,000 people were killed and nearly 22,000 were injured.  Our mission was not only to provide supplies, comfort, encouragement, and support, but also to deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ to the many Nepali people who felt hopeless, helpless, and alone. 


Although the stories I could share are countless, the one that stands out in my mind most vividly is the day we spent traveling with Bishwa Dev Khadka, our local friend and missionary, up through the mountains to reach a small hamlet. After many hours of traveling on narrow, treacherous roads, we hiked up through the mountains and arrived in the desolate village. The heat was oppressive, the water supply polluted, and the food scarce. With troubled eyes the native people watched us arrive…they had never seen people that looked like us or talked like us. 

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24 Nov



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8 Jul