In 2018 the Lord led us to start a Church in BUSETA Village, in the process of Praying and trusting God to fulfill what He has pressed on our heart.
Buseta is dominated with Muslims and Catholic’s who are very famous in witchcraft. Finding land was a big challenge since no one wanted a Church in the community but we thank God we got it though more expensive. We delayed to kick start due to Covid-19 Challenges, our teams could not go out for outreaches neither constructions because no one was allowed to move.
We are glad to inform you that the fellowship started. It is now 2 weeks since the fellowship started under the leadership of Pastor Joseph and a team of 3 from our church. There are 22 people who attended the first service. Today when we went to take some pictures found 9 people who had attended the discipleship class. The shelter is still being worked on and paving of the compound.
Pastor Joseph will be moving to stay in Buseta in the next two weeks together with his family for effective ministry. River of God Church in which he has been serving as an associate Pastor will continue to support him every month with at least $20 dollars.

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