Sardick Report

From Sardick Sikapoko: A brief history of Chaga tribal customs.

Gullanah Hiach is Chaga by tribe. Chaga are Sanctifiers from the traditional tribal line, the sanctifier is one who offers solutions, interpretations, is mediator between the dead and the living and one who receives words of revelations directly from the spiritual ancestral Dead fathers. For married couples: the woman conceiving, child bearing and naming of newly born babies all are the works of the Sanctifiers who determines who has babies, were to give birth. Women are discouraged to attend medical checkups or bearing their children in Dispensary under the help of qualified Medical Professionals. This telling involves conditions, rules, instruction and a swearing covenant that involves confessing the baby is to be dedicated to the ancestral powers and that the surrounding angels where to be given to parents to guard their developing babies. Deaths are interpreted by sanctifiers as the result of couples breaking the covenants, hence causing the ancestral spirits to bring harsh punishment.

Application of Tribal influence.

Gullanah Hiach and his second Wife Choola:

Gullanah [a Sanctifier] has 7 grown children from his late first wife who died during her eighth pregnancy. He shared he did everything; confessing to the Ancestral Fathers of every known and unknown sin that could have been committed by his family but still his wife died. Later he married again and had three children. Now with her fourth pregnancy she couldn’t birth.

The Team shared Jesus to Gullanah and to his pregnant wife Choola who was in severe Pain. He heard, believed and confessed his previous horrible practices and received Jesus Christ. Then, the team witnessed to his wife who was in pains and surrounded by every tribal medicine in clay pots that she was supposed to be drinking, suddenly, she rose up in accusations telling the Team to get out with many offensive words.

The news traveled quickly around the Sanctifiers. Gullanah was threatened and disowned by Tribal leaders, but refused to denounce Christ. A witnessing team leader advised him to take his wife to the Medical clinic 17 km away.

News came that if the woman died, the host and I would be held responsible, we prayed. The Dispensary Doctor, a Muslim said, he can’t find any problem with his wife. The doctor suggested that people pray but to go to a different place.

My host and I first shared Jesus to three Nurses who accepted Christ. They feared that if the Doctor found out they would loose their job. These nurses took all of us to another room. We prayed and prayed, my host, me and her husband.

Then we shared Jesus to her. Eventually, Choola confessed and she received Jesus. Shortly after the Nurses took her back inside. Not very long, the report from nurses came saying, Choola had given birth to a Baby Girl and her condition was normal.

Later in the day, we meet Choola again. This was a different Choola, one who glorifies Jesus, who believes in Him and completely trusts him. Her old relatives where filled with joy when they saw the baby and we prayed for them. The old relatives also told us they needed to be visited in their homes they want to hear more of Jesus.

We thank the Lord for the protection, and peace that followed after hours and hours of troubled.

Thank you for continuously lifting us in prayers.

God bless you.

Sardick Sikapoko.