Training indigenous Pastors, Evangelist and lay leaders with a non-argumentative, non-confrontational, non-denominational evangelism approach to reach the lost. Growing their churches through Sunday School (group Bible Study), understanding that Christianity is not a Religion but a personal, intimate relationship with a Risen, Living, Loving, Lord and Savior. This equipping is done through 4-5 days) conferences in local churches. The primary tool used is FAITH Sunday School Evangelism Strategy.


Each student is given a multi-page fill-in-the-blanks handout. Training sessions are conducted in the classroom during the morning hours using lecture, conference, demonstration and attendee participation. In the afternoon learners are divided into groups and assigned to a leader. The leader will demonstrate the FAITH Evangelism technique door-to-door and on the street while the trainees observe. After the second day of training the learners are expected to begin witnessing using FAITH while the leader will observe and provide guidance as needed. By the third day of training, learners will go out in small groups and will practice/demonstrate evangelism using FAITH. At the end of each day or the beginning of each new training day, groups will share what happened on their visits during celebration time. Special follow-up procedures will be trained & performed for each salvation. Each salvation or significant visit will be recorded and given to the local/hosting pastor for continued follow up and Sunday School [group Bible Study] enrollment.


Stay in contact with the conference senior/hosting pastor. Determine if a follow up visit will be necessary. When appropriate, offer a brief refresher course for local pastors that attended original training. Return to conference location and evaluate results in the church and Sunday School [group Bible Study] program.