Kushibo Conference 2012

Kushibo Conference 2012
It is a joy to know that we are serving a Risen, Living, Lord and Savior that has concurred death and grave. I am so happy to mention to you that God has been with us in the harvest field and He saved people for himself and his glory. We have been able to reach out to a village called Kushibo for five days intense faith evangelism conference. The attendance was very good and encouraged. According to the senior pastor of the church they have attended a lot of evangelism programs but faith techniques were different

The attendees were fifty (51), thirty Nine (39) Salvations, twenty one (21) prayed a prayer of recommitment, twenty (20) Bibles were given out and two eighty (280) people heard the plan of salvation. I am very grateful to the Lord and said; thank you. And also, I am proud to inform you that salvation became the talk show on every ones mouth during the days of our visitation.

Thank God many Muslims came out and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior including a woman who has been suffering from sickness that I don’t know it name but I have send her picture to you and she has been prayed for. I am requesting prayers and financial support for her. God has used you to provide and allowed as to respond and experience this results. You, our prayer warriors, sponsors your support mean so much to us as you undergird us prayers and support you enable us to travel, teach, preach and spread the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

Thank you friends and prayer partners for keeping us in your daily prayers and I will be sending you the seminary fee receipt within the week.

The cost of the conference was amounted to one hundred and eighty cedi (180.00).
The church has assisted us for part of the conference feeding and we are appreciated.
Yours in His service,
John Adam