Khup H Thang

Pastor Khup Thang

Pastor Khup Thang is from Chin State, Myanmar, growing up in a Christian family he was 22 yrs. old before accepting Christ. “I won’t forget the joy of life I got from that day and I started a new life journey with the Lord as a new friend. My worldview changed.” My utmost prayer is to have a heart of listening and obeying God’s call and serve Him faithfully throughout my life. I give my life to Him only and for His glory. His ministry of pastoral training has nurtured more than fifty pastors.

Our heart desire is to plant churches among the unreached people groups in Myanmar and beyond. Thankfully, Faith Evangelism Training has been the most successful tool used to reach the unreached people groups. Pastor Khup has been with F2F since 2013, leading and shaping church leadership how to grow their churches.