John Adam Sumani

Evangelist John Adam Sumani

F2F met John Adam in 2008 at Seed Ministry in Tamale Ghana. John served as our translator and cultural correctness minister. During the next couple years John fell in love with Faith Evangelism and asked to come on-board as a National Trainer.

In 2010 John was appointed as the Ghana National Trainer. John has a heart of service and a desire to grow the kingdom of Heaven. He has been doing 18-20 Evangelism conferences per year since his appointment as the Ghana National Trainer. The motorcycle in this picture was a gift to him to grow his ministry. He has multiplied his ministry many times over with this increased mobility. He has expanded to regions not frequently traveled by anyone, much less a traveling missionary.

John has developed his own ‘Timothy’s’ that are now helping to expand the ministry. John is married with two children, he is a seminary graduate that was called to return to the seminary and teach Evangelism training.

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John is a valued asset of the F2F Ministry team.

Please read John Adam’s 2012 Report here

2012 Report (PDF)